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A simple freighter...
...The idea for this ship came to me at work yesterday. I drew a simple sketch and came home and built it in about three hours. I know it's very similar to several of my other builds, but it like its simple, no-nonsense design. I kept myself from getting 'carried away' with detailing as it is -- after all -- a pre-TOS era ship. I ran it through one of my favorite filters to give it an artistic look (like something you'd see hanging in the ship's captain's cabin?). Design and model by me, texture elements by David Metlesits. I hope you all like her. Comments are welcome.
I started out with the intention of building a Medusan-type ship... but -- as so often happens with my modeling -- it went in a completely different direction. I may need to work on that. :) As I was building this little ship, I realized that it looked a bit like the offspring of a Daedalus class and the Medusan ship from TOS. Nice, clean, simple... Model by me, textures by David Metlesits. Comments are always welcome!
Warping Into the Night...
As I learn new things in Max, I go back and use them to improve upon my work. Or I keep telling myself that, anyway. :) The truth is, I just feel like a kid in a toy store who just won a shopping spree! I'm still working toward a design for my 'hero' model -- the ship that will be the centerpiece of my fan fiction. This addition here is close to what I want. An old, somewhat worn transport ship -- in this case the T-70 class. Small crew, room for a few passengers and a fair amount of cargo space make for some awesome story telling ideas. Set in the 2260s of the Prime Universe timeline... Design and model by me, textures by David Metlesits. Comments are always welcome!
An old transport ship...
I frequently see new ships when I combine elements from earlier builds. That's the case with this old, worn-out transport ship... I'm still working on a bit of a back story for her, but I think she has a pretty good TOS feel... Comments are welcome as always. Design and model by me, texture elements by David Metlesits...
SS HALIMEDE orthos...
Just a quick ortho image I made of my S.S. Halimede model. I did change the ship's class from Neptune to Corydon. Design and model by me, textures by David Metlesits
Yesterday was THE day. The day I finally got to go see Star Trek Beyond. And... I liked it. A lot. The story was predictable. A crazy bad man decides to kill a bunch of people (not unlike the first two films). But, it was the characters that made up for that. It FELT like Star Trek. They all seemed so right... so familiar. The Spock-Bones dynamic was in full force. Everyone, save perhaps Chekov, had something to contribute. And there were some moments that had me full of emotion -- particularly the tribute to Leonard Nimoy/Ambassador Spock. That moment, when an image took Spock back...far back in time... I almost burst in to tears. It was a tribute to Leonard, true... But, it also served as a link back... a tribute to the whole cast. I knew then that they had finally gotten it RIGHT. Irregardless of the abundance of special effects or predictable story... it was like a visit with some old friends. Or, perhaps more accurately, it was a visit with some new friends that make you feel so comfortable, so welcome... that you feel they're your old friends in spirit.  


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Greg Phillips
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A 45 year old gay man living in the central USA. I love all things Star Trek and also love Doctor Who, Star Wars, Space 1999.... the list goes on and on! I consider myself a writer. Perhaps not a GOOD writer, but I am learning. Never too old to learn something new!


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I read that your fairly new to using 3DSMax, the first model i used was a fighter jet around five years ago. A lot of what i know i got from youtube tutorials and advice from other Deviantart users :-) Good luck
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Thanks! I appreciate the input. Most of what I know I picked up from David Metlesits and a lot of trial and error and -- like you -- some Youtube videos. I started playing with Poser first and then moved on to Max 9. My pc is older and the graphics card needs replaced but it can handle most Max 9 models pretty well... My first model was a Daedalus class ship. I've learned a lot since then!
Thanks again!
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